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4 Common Traits Of Guerrilla Marketing Campaigns

Are you looking for a low cost, unconventional way to promote your product or idea to your market and generate a buzz?

Then a guerilla marketing strategy may be the next step for your business. All that you need is time, energy and imagination (remember that thing we use to utilise as kids, till it was knocked out of us?)

So all this sounds simple enough, right? You don’t need a huge marketing budget , all you have to do is fire up your visual cortex. From here it’s just a case of picking the best ideas and implementing them.

Anyone who has conducted a brainstorming session at their desk, attempting to come up with an innovative guerilla strategy whilst staring blankly at the wall, will no doubt agree it’s not that simple.

In this blog I will help you to get your creative juices flowing and the ball rolling on your campaign, by showing you some common traits of guerilla marketing. The idea is not to replicate these campaigns, but to use the underlying themes and combine them with the existing knowledge in your brain to create a buzz around your product or idea.

The 4 common traits of guerrilla marketing campaigns

Make the most out of your environment

For the experienced guerilla marketer, this might seem obvious, but for those starting out it is vital to look at objects in everyday life to see how you can tweak them and intertwine your brand message. So we’re talking post boxes, walls, bus shelters, signs, floor grids etc. Recognise that every object in your environment is a potential marketing tool, and that your only limitation is a constricted imagination.



It’s all about the double take

Our minds are a very powerful filter. Over the course of our life we filter out the background noise and concentrate on the more ‘important things’… like what we are going to eat for dinner as we stroll home, whilst paying little attention to what’s going on around us.The reason we do this is because we have become accustomed to our environment and most of it is not a threat to us.

Now I’m not suggesting you should make your consumers environment a bit more hostile by releasing a lion or tiger into the high street…I am however suggesting you should shake it up just a little. You have to think what will make consumers stop in their tracks and look twice at something seemingly so normal. To get the double take effect, make the ordinary every day objects your customers walk past extraordinary!

Zoo BusDHL



A common theme of guerrilla activities is the shock factor. Some companies really try to push the boundaries, and this can work extremely well and other times it can potentially backfire. Before you implement a guerrilla marketing campaign it is worth considering what potentially could go wrong and whether your company can afford to take the risk. If you have a suit and tie ‘responsible’ image to maintain then guerrilla marketing is probably best left to the more edgy companies. Either way, it’s essential to have a good balance between perceived reward and risk before you proceed.

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Make it interactive

Some campaigns have an interactive element to improve engagement with consumers. Properly utilised this can be a very effective tactic, but be cautious because anything interactive could be misused and even vandalised, becoming harder to maintain. 



There is no scientific formula to help produce an effective guerrilla marketing campaign, but understanding the common traits highlighted above can help kick start your creative ideas.

It is also important to be unconventional, unique and bold in your efforts. Go out and address common held beliefs in your industry, and either re-enforce them or challenge them in your campaign.

Generate idea after idea, no matter how silly or impractical they may initially seem. Trust in yourself that you will get there eventually and that you will find that one idea that will form the foundations of your campaign.

Above all, you need to remember that a large multi-national may have a bigger marketing budget, but when it comes to guerrilla marketing the great leveller and game changer is a companies imagination.

Anyone can be creative and make use of their imagination, even if it has been lying dormant in their head since childhood. So get  your guerrilla marketing campaign fired up and release it on the world today!

We’d love to hear about any of your experiences with guerrilla marketing or any awesome campaigns you’ve seen recently.

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