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5 Astronaut Attributes To Propel Your Business To New Heights In 2014


Mathematically speaking you have a better chance of growing up and winning an olympic medal, and then getting away with murder than you have of becoming an astronaut – and that’s just to be accepted into a space program, not to actually explore the most hostile environment known to man, in what is essentially a tin can that has to return home safely in one piece.

The insurmountable odds astronauts constantly encounter during their career and their ability to somehow overcome them is truly remarkable, this is in part a testament to their unique character.

The exemplary character traits and attitude of the humble astronaut and the usefulness of adopting and applying these attributes to our daily business dealings with the sales force knowledge, is something that has perhaps been underexplored by modern self-development literature. Read more…

Meet the Smarta 100 – Class of 2013

Another year, another tough task for the Smarta team having to whittle down 1500 businesses to 100 for the prestigious Smarta 100 list. We had the pleasure of being named one of the alumni in 2011 and we see this list going from strength to strength with some truly innovative businesses being showcased.

We put together a quick list of all of the winners on twitter below so make sure to give them a warm welcome and say a hello!

You can find the direct list on twitter here.

Accelerate 2013: Highlights From The Fast-Growth Business Festival

Accelerate 2013

We were thrilled to be named as one of the Accelerate 250 to be featured as part of Accelerate 2013 festival to showcase fast-growth businesses in the UK. It was a truly inspiring day of speakers, networking and discussion. Here are some of our personal highlights from the day and we wanted to say a BIG thank you again the Michael Hayman, Nick Giles and the Seven Hills team for putting on such a tremendous show. Read more…

Concept Cupboard Nominated By Lord Young And Sir Terry Leahy As One Of Britain’s Brightest Business Talents

Accelerate 250

We’re thrilled to announce that Concept Cupboard has been named one of the Accelerate 250, a new business community championed by Sir Terry Leahy and Lord Young. The selected 250 are representing Britain’s fastest growing companies who are the “vital 6%” and will be “creating half of all new jobs in the UK economy”.

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Got a business idea? Don’t miss out on S4S Launcher

We’re big fans of Doug Richard’s School for Startups at Concept Cupboard. They’re doing an amazing job of promoting and nurturing entrepreneurship in the UK and we’re seeing the results of their mentorship and encouragement every single day. The team have got a fantastic competition running at the moment where you can win ongoing mentorship from the Dragons Den star. Read on for more details!

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9 essential blogs for startups and entrepreneurs in 2013

Based on what I’ve been reading in 2012 you’re going to be needing these blogs in 2013. They have provided inspiration, guidance and wise council all year long and have helped transform my view on entrepreneurship and startups. I recommend that you read the article I’ve picked out for each blog to see what they have to offer.

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