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Eat. Sleep. Startup. Repeat. Over Half A Million New Startups Created In The UK.

StartUp Britain

StartUp Britian, the national campaign promoting entrepreneurship, set a bold challenge at the start of the year. To help promote and encourage more people to start up than ever before and get over half a million new companies going.

In 2011 the figure stood at 440,600 and last year it was 484,224. With an economy that was still unsure of whether recovery might be around the corner it was a bold campaign to kick-start. Read more…

Entrepreneurs And Business Owners Head To Downing Street For The Launch Of Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday UK

This week sees the first ever Small Business Saturday in the UK, a campaign to get shoppers supporting smaller local companies.

Already a huge success in the US, Small Business Saturday is launching this side of the pond on this weekend on the 7th December. The campaign coincides with one of the busiest shopping days of the year in the run up to Christmas. Read more…

4 Posts You Should Be Reading This Week – Entrepreneur Edition

1. Embrace the desire to make money

It’s not wrong to want to change the world with a startup but at the end of the day you’re going to have to make money to become a sustainable company. This post from Daniel Tenner aka Swombat, real hits the nail on the head. Read more…

StartUp Britain Bus Tour: Promoting the next generation of entrepreneurs


It’s time again for the StartUp Britain team to hit the road on a nationwide tour to promote UK enterprise. This years main aim is to promote¬†entrepreneurship amongst young people as well as showcasing emerging talent.

The team will be stopping off at a 17 different universities and colleges around the country from Portsmouth to Liverpool so you’ll have plenty of chances to ‘hop on board’ and see what’s going on. If you’re able to make it along to any of the stops along the way then you shouldn’t miss out on the opportunity. If you’ve been hankering to get some advice for your startup or just wondering what it takes to startup then the StartUp Britain team are the right people to ask. There will also be a range of businesses and mentors available at each stop to cater to any kind of question that you can throw at them. To find out more about the tour then take a look here.

We are constantly inspired at Concept Cupboard with the amount of youngsters today looking to set up their own enterprise. The fresh ideas and enthusiasm that we see on a daily basis with our own student and graduates really does keep us going and makes us strive to be an even better company each day. We’ll be on hand at the University of Reading ready to bounce ideas off and to give advice to any budding entrepreneurs that want to come along. If you can’t make the Reading stop and would still like to ask us any questions then feel free to contact the team here. We’re always looking to help people, whether that’s using Concept Cupboard to connect with creatives or asking us to beta test a service of yours.

Here’s to a great campaign and we can’t wait for things to get kicked off at the end of this week starting with Youth Enterprise Live at Earls Court, which promises to be a stellar event. We hope to see as many of you on the tour so make sure to say hello!

Sources of inspiration for startups

Sprouter screen grab

It is very easy to get yourself bogged down in the day to day running of a business when you are a startup. There are always fires to put out, calls to make and people to see. That’s where tools like iGoogle, Netvibes & Google Alerts¬†are so handy. You can set these tools up to show you feeds of your most popular sites.

Here are just some of the sites (in no particular order) we have feeds set-up for to make sure we aren’t missing out on anything:


This is a very inspiring site. You can ask entrepreneurs questions, get great answers back, browse loads of fantastic content and also see what other entrepreneurs are doing around the world. Make sure you sign up to the newsletter.

Sprouter screen grab

Business Zone

There is so much great content and if anything breaks in the UK business world you can be sure that Dan Martin (the editor) is all over it and will have a blog post up in a few hours. Excellent forums on this site too.

Business Zone screen grab

Marketing Donut

A site full of tools, advice and opinion. I am a big fan of the blog. The writers are very insightful and always give a balanced view, including hot topics such as Startup Britain.

Marketing Donut screen grab


Awesome video content featuring established successful entrepreneurs all the way through to new startups who are breaking the mould. Lots of resource goodies too.

Smarta screen grab

Tech Crunch

If you want to find out what might be the next big thing online then keep an eye on this site. Lots of innovative ways to use the web for your own business too.

Tech Crunch


An awesome blog and newsletter so make sure you take advantage. Not only have they got great content but you can connect with lots of other businesses and also feature in their marketplace and promote yourself to Bitsy readers.

Bitsy screen grab


According to them Springwise is “one of the world’s leading sources for new business ideas and innovation.” I am not going to disagree. Sign up to the newsletter. It is full of quality stuff.

Springwise screen grab

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