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7 Awesome Art Installations

Art installations have the power to inspire a community and can prompt people travelling miles and miles to see them. From complex, high-tech works through to the simplest constructions we love to see creativity brought to life and shared with other people. These are some of our favourites.

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Bloc Party’s New Music Video ‘Ratchet’

We’re big fans of Bloc Party at Concept Cupboard HQ and ‘excited’ is a huge understatement when I found out about their latest release ‘Ratchet’.

Cyriak, who are known to use Adobe Photoshop CS6 and After Effects for many projects have conjured up this latest piece for the London band. A surreal delight of creativity, it’s really hard to not be absorbed by this video so grab a cider, kick back and enjoy.

There is something truly incredible about music videos and a sense of nostalgia comes across in waves as I look to be sat back in front of MTV or Kerrang TV watching the latest hits as a teenager.

Make Good Art: Neil Gaimans University of the Arts Commencement Speech.

“I wish you luck. Luck is useful. Often you will discover that the harder you work and the more wisely you work the luckier you will get”

This is truly an essential watch for anyone who aspires to be happy and creative in their lives. Neil Gaiman provides some fantastic anecdotes, advice and more in this inspirational and funny commencement speech at the University of the Arts in 2012.

Best creative campaigns of 2012

2012 has been an outstanding year for creativity so I thought I’d share a quick roundup of my favourite creative campaigns.

1. Red Bull Stratos Space Jump

This was truly one of the standout events of the year. With over 8 million people concurrently watching Felix Baumgartner jump from space this was not only another great step for human ingenuity but also a great campaign from Red Bull. Twitter was abuzz with second by second coverage of the event with most tweets having the hashtag #RedBull featured. The company has yet again proved that it can stay at the forefront of peoples minds for awesome events and content.

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Making a case for optimism

When was the last time you turned on the news and didn’t see a story about a crisis or a brewing disaster? The modern media can often make it hard to see a bright future ahead of us. However, I’m constantly reassured when I turn the news off and start looking to the pioneers and innovators in the world today. There are truly remarkable breakthroughs coming through in science and the arts every single day but it can be hard to notice them with main stream news trying to be the loudest person on the room. Luckily, the internet is on hand to provide plenty of stories of good going on in the world to uplift you and to help keep you going.

At Concept Cupboard I am constantly reassured that I can remain optimistic through the energy and enthusiasm in which our young creatives throw at problems and challenges. They truly are some of the future leaders and innovators in their field and it is a privilege to see them designing and building the shape of our world to come.

Each new generation comes along and perseveres against the difficult circumstances in which it finds itself and this will carry on for as long as time. This thought was sparked by a TED talk given earlier this year on why we should remain optimistic. It really is an inspiring talk and I highly recommend you take the time out to watch this. Continue building a better future.

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#CampaignShowcase – The best in creative marketing


At Concept Cupboard we’re utterly inspired with the creativity that we see each and every day. From our very own student and graduates through to campaigns being shared from half way around the world there are so many great examples of creative work that continue to influence and change peoples perceptions. That’s why we want to collect a showcase of awe inspiring marketing campaigns that we can share with the world and we want to hear from you. We want to know the marketing campaigns that shake things up, make you want to get up and go and most importantly make you proud to be creative.

The very best campaigns will get featured in a post on the site and your submission will be attributed  to you. All you’ve got to do is tweet a link to the campaign / image / video along with the hashtag #CampaignShowcase and we’ll do the rest. All entries will need to be in by the 31st August.

To give you an example, we’ve recently been blown away by Louis Vuittons campaign in tribute of Muhammad Ali. Mos Def is seen reciting a reel of some of the most memorable quotes from the titan of the boxing world and take our word for it, it’s powerful stuff. I highly recommend you take a look for yourself.

Louis Vuitton – Word from Stuart A. McIntyre on Vimeo.

So here’s my entry to get the #CreativeShowcase kickstarted. Help us to inspire others.



Creativity: Some highlights from Google’s latest Think Quarterly

Here at Concept Cupboard we love creativity, it drives what we do. We also love Google’s think quarterly publication. If you haven’t stumbled upon this gem before it basically brings together a varied and very forward thinking collection of articles from experts in the particular field that each quarterly release makes its focal point. We wholeheartedly recommend that you take a look at the content in full but these are some of our highlights from this particular issue. Enjoy!

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