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7 Awesome Art Installations

Art installations have the power to inspire a community and can prompt people travelling miles and miles to see them. From complex, high-tech works through to the simplest constructions we love to see creativity brought to life and shared with other people. These are some of our favourites.

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A royal wash out from brands looking to capitalise

Along with millions of people around the globe this week, many marketers eagerly awaited the arrival of the Royal baby. Needless to say when the future king did finally arrive, every channel became instantly flooded with brands trying to tie their product/service in with this historic occasion.

A few managed to pull it off, whilst the vast majority of brands produced lacklustre content that just left me wondering what have they been doing with their time? It’s not like the birth was a surprise, they had months of lead time to come up with something innovative and clever, yet what was produced was something very predictable and boring. As the baby’s photo and video got spread across media, you don’t even know how many likes on youtube are bought from social media marketing companies just to showcase it to the world. Many Youtubers in the videos were commenting, speaking about how the ceremony could have been better and much more things.

I am a big fan of real time marketing, and it goes without saying I loved what Oreo’s did during the superbowl blackout last year. Since then though, it seems like every marketer is looking to capitalise on any event that occurs,whether it’s relevant to their brand or not. Some brands have made monumental cock ups trying to ride the wave of events such as the Boston bombing and hurricane Sandy, probably thinking that they will be revered for their ability to be different and seize the moment like Oreos.

Searching for an ‘Oreo’ moment is perhaps the reason so many brands latched on to the Royal birth, in reality a lot of the content produced stunk of desperation as they attempted to grasp any connection between the new born baby and their brand. The Tumblr account Royally Desperate highlights this perfectly.

Looking forward, I believe brands have to pick and choose the events  they associate themselves with more wisely, otherwise they may risk coming across to their customers as that desperate drunk person last to be kicked off the dance floor.

Brands also have to zig, when everyone else zags. Oreo’s social campaign gained so much publicity because it was sharp and original, and it cost next to nothing compared to the millions other brands threw at the super bowl. It went completely the opposite way of the pack.

For the Royal birth, many brands churned out similar lacklustre content, but given that they had 9 months to prepare and a good idea of everyone else’s approach, there really should have been a lot more innovative content produced.

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