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For Anyone Scared To Start

It can be a daunting prospect to start something. It means we open ourselves to failure, humiliation and frustration. Time and time again I see people held back by their fear. Fear that their abilities are not up to scratch. Fear that the plan is doomed before it is even begun. Well this is a call for people to forget that fear and just begin. Start that project. Start that business you’ve planned on napkins time and time again.

Begin and you may just surprise yourself. Read more…

A royal wash out from brands looking to capitalise

Along with millions of people around the globe this week, many marketers eagerly awaited the arrival of the Royal baby. Needless to say when the future king did finally arrive, every channel became instantly flooded with brands trying to tie their product/service in with this historic occasion.

A few managed to pull it off, whilst the vast majority of brands produced lacklustre content that just left me wondering what have they been doing with their time? It’s not like the birth was a surprise, they had months of lead time to come up with something innovative and clever, yet what was produced was something very predictable and boring.

I am a big fan of real time marketing, and it goes without saying I loved what Oreo’s did during the superbowl blackout last year. Since then though, it seems like every marketer is looking to capitalise on any event that occurs,whether it’s relevant to their brand or not. Some brands have made monumental cock ups trying to ride the wave of events such as the Boston bombing and hurricane Sandy, probably thinking that they will be revered for their ability to be different and seize the moment like Oreos.

Searching for an ‘Oreo’ moment is perhaps the reason so many brands latched on to the Royal birth, in reality a lot of the content produced stunk of desperation as they attempted to grasp any connection between the new born baby and their brand. The Tumblr account Royally Desperate highlights this perfectly.

Looking forward, I believe brands have to pick and choose the events  they associate themselves with more wisely, otherwise they may risk coming across to their customers as that desperate drunk person last to be kicked off the dance floor.

Brands also have to zig, when everyone else zags. Oreo’s social campaign gained so much publicity because it was sharp and original, and it cost next to nothing compared to the millions other brands threw at the super bowl. It went completely the opposite way of the pack.

For the Royal birth, many brands churned out similar lacklustre content, but given that they had 9 months to prepare and a good idea of everyone else’s approach, there really should have been a lot more innovative content produced.

Be careful what you wish for

If you’re a Brit then you are pretty well accustomed to the dull, miserable weather that graces our great country 95% of the year.

We sure as hell don’t suffer in silence though, making our feelings felt on a daily basis. All we want is some of that glorious summer sun, that our Mediterranean brothers and sisters enjoy most days, and we’ve finally got it (well for a week or so at least).

So we’re happy now, right? We’ll it seems not all of us are. “It’s too hot now” being the classic line that is banded around.

The point I’m making is, have you ever wished for something and not been happy once you’ve got it? More importantly, have you ever looked at the reasons behind your dissatisfaction? Read more…

Success – Be careful of your aspirations

In life, we hear the word success bandied around constantly.

“Look at him, he is so successful”

“I’m going to forge a successful career for myself ”

“I want to succeed at this, or that”

If you look around at people within our society who are labelled as “successful” such as businessmen, sports personalities and pop stars. While they may be successful at growing their business, hitting the back of the net and making hit records are they TRUELY successful? Read more…

What money really means to you

I want you to take 5 minutes out of your hectic life and think about what money really means to you? I took my own advice recently and to my surprise this simple task changed my perception.

I discovered that money to me has no explicit nature, it’s simply what I make of it.

Money has certain purposes. I can pay my rent and bills, I can eat nice food and it allows me to have different experiences.

It also has many limitations. If I’m in personal turmoil for instance, no amount I throw around will displace these negative feelings.

Looking around, I see that people just throw money at deep routed issues to try and ease their pain. The retail therapy culture is a perfect example of seeking an artificial solution for a problem within.

I also see that certain individuals will measure their worth as a person by their bank balance, while others use money  as a control mechanism over other people.

I don’t believe money is the root of all evil, it’s our relationship to it that is the problem.

My self enquiry into what money means to me is perfectly summed up by the statement below.

“It is important to learn how to use it, what it will do, and most importantly what you can’t do with it” 

The doer alone learneth

I am truly grateful that I possess the ability to learn new things on a daily basis. Having always been interested in how we humans learn, and most importantly retain new information, I have finally come to understand what works best for me.

Like millions of other people on this planet  I always wanted a quick fix to my problems, a 5 step plan or a 30 minutes how to guide, so that I could concentrate on the more ‘important’ things in my life.

What I found, was that I would have a moment of revelation upon discovering these solutions to my problems, but a day or two after I would have completely forgotten about this and I’d be back at square one.

The problem was the even though I knew what to do, I didn’t execute it in the physical world. I thought that by reading a 5 step guide it would automatically transfer into the real world, or that when a more knowledgable friend gave me advice on a topic, my knowledge would suddenly transform.

Whether you are a more visual, sensory or reflective learner what it ultimately comes down to is the doing part of learning.

“Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do.”



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