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You Don’t Want To Spill Coffee On This Womans Latptop

Next time you’re in a coffee shop, take a little more care. You never know when you’ll be up against the wall.

How To Make Star Wars Great Again

We like to let the inner geek out once in a while at Concept Cupboard and came across this awesome animation.

Now, does anyone have the number for J.J. Abrams people?

If you’re going to quit your job, this is the way to do it

Sometimes you just need to go out in a viral blaze of glory. Here’s to you Marina Shifrin!

For Anyone Scared To Start

It can be a daunting prospect to start something. It means we open ourselves to failure, humiliation and frustration. Time and time again I see people held back by their fear. Fear that their abilities are not up to scratch. Fear that the plan is doomed before it is even begun. Well this is a call for people to forget that fear and just begin. Start that project. Start that business you’ve planned on napkins time and time again.

Begin and you may just surprise yourself. Read more…

Summer Boat Party 2013!

Last Thursday Concept Cupboard teamed up with our friends at BURN, One Water and Twist for a voyage on the high seas, in search of gold and other treasures.


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£100 Moo Giveaway

Concept Cupboard have teamed up with Moo to give one lucky winner £100 worth of credit to spend on their fantastic new Luxe Range. In addition to this great giveaway, we here at Concept Cupboard will also throw in a free design listing on our site.

All you have to do is to retweet the tweet below to stand a chance of winning, the competition closes Wednesday 24th July 2013 at 12.00pm so get retweeting!


Bloc Party’s New Music Video ‘Ratchet’

We’re big fans of Bloc Party at Concept Cupboard HQ and ‘excited’ is a huge understatement when I found out about their latest release ‘Ratchet’.

Cyriak, who are known to use Adobe Photoshop CS6 and After Effects for many projects have conjured up this latest piece for the London band. A surreal delight of creativity, it’s really hard to not be absorbed by this video so grab a cider, kick back and enjoy.

There is something truly incredible about music videos and a sense of nostalgia comes across in waves as I look to be sat back in front of MTV or Kerrang TV watching the latest hits as a teenager.

6 classic logo fails

A logo is one of the most important parts of your business to get right when starting out. Sometimes though, it can go horribly wrong. Should have used Concept Cupboard I guess…

Make sure to tweet us with the biggest logo fails you’ve seen on twitter @ConceptCupboard

This is a guest post from Stop Gap’s Marketing Manager Zoe Brandt. 


So, you decide you need a new logo, you spend a fortune getting one designed, launch it and…d’oh!

Archdiocesan Youth Commission

The Computer Doctors

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3-D Printing Pen. Yes, this is a thing.

It’s just come to our attention that a new Kickstarter project has smashed its goal for funding to create a 3-D writing pen. Yep, you heard us correctly. Sketching is never going to be the same again.

The 3Doodler as its called works as simply as a pen to allow you to draw anything you want in plastic. From simple objects such as words through to more intricate structures as the Eifell tower. The creators are even looking to create stencils to help you get started with some projects. We thought fun at school had peaked with glue guns.

We’ve been huge fans of the 3-D printing movement that has the potential to disrupt hundreds of industries. For now though, check out some of the photos and the kickstarter video. I for one will be waiting to recreate some epic architecture.

Ostrich-+-Eiffel1 Pen-+-Eiffel1

9 essential blogs for startups and entrepreneurs in 2013

Based on what I’ve been reading in 2012 you’re going to be needing these blogs in 2013. They have provided inspiration, guidance and wise council all year long and have helped transform my view on entrepreneurship and startups. I recommend that you read the article I’ve picked out for each blog to see what they have to offer.

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