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Adding a Twitter cover photo [How To]

Screen shot 2012-09-18 at 15.18.03

Love it or hate it, cover photos are here to stay. From Facebook to Medium, we are seeing them everywhere. Now that twitter is rolling out a new app, profiles and other features why don’t you make the most of the changes before everyone else!

It’ll only take you 30 seconds so here’s how to do it.

1. Make sure you’re logged in

2. Go to¬†where you’ll see this page

3. See where it says ‘Change Header’? Click the button and choose your image.

4. Et voila, a brand new look for your twitter profile.


What do you think of the new updates? Love them? Hate them? Let us know on Twitter here.

Say hi to our new social media channels


We’re always looking for new and interesting ways in which to talk to you all so that’s why we’re proud to announce the launch of our brand new Concept Cupboard Google+ and Pinterest channels!

Whilst we already talk to you all through Twitter and Facebook we thought that we’d be able to get to know you even better with these social networks.

We’ll be following this post up with our insights into using each platform a litte further down the line but for now here’s what we’ll be hoping to share with you on each platform… Read more…

Reserving your company name on social media sites

Social Media Sites

Setting up your brand on social media sites can be a really time consuming process, but “Know Em” shows you what’s available in seconds. Just follow the following process:

1. Go to

2. Enter your company name in the space shown below.

Enter your information here

3. Now you can review the list of sites that is available to you.

Review what's available

It’s as easy as that. You can then review what’s available to you. Knowem does provide a service where with one click the site will reserve everything for you, which would save a fair bit of time. The service starts from $99 which is very reasonable, but it depends on your cash flow.

I’d suggest that any small business reserves at least the following:

- Twitter
- Facebook*
- Slideshare
- LinkedIn**
- YouTube

* You can’t actually reserve a Facebook URL for your company until 25 people actually like your company page. For more information on this check out this post.

** You can’t set up a company profile on LinkedIn until you have an official company email address. So email accounts with Gmail, Hotmail etc won’t work.

The importance of marketing in a recession

Andrew Cave from the FSB

A few weeks ago we spoke to Andrew Cave, Head of Policy at the Federation of Small Business, about quite a few things. You can find out more on our YouTube channel. But one of the key takeouts was the need for businesses both big and small to continue their marketing efforts during the economic downturn.

Now this isn’t to say that businesses should pile lots of money into marketing. As a small business you don’t have the budget, but their are so many ways of marketing to customers both old and new on a shoestring. Take us for instance. We have yet to spend one penny on marketing and we have only been live for 3 and a half weeks. To date we have had well over 4,000 visitors to the site and 17,000 page views and the vast majority of that traffic has come from Social Media. Twitter to be precise.

Using my network, the board’s network, the network of our respective networks we have been able to spread a message and engage an ever growing audience. It is very much a snow ball effect. It starts small and if you keep going it starts to get bigger and bigger.

We’ll write more on this in the future, but my advice for now would be to set-up a Twitter account if you haven’t already. You can find loads of great resources on Twitter’s business site and just get the ball rolling. It takes time and effort, but fast forward a few months and it could be an important new business tool for you.

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