Eat. Sleep. Startup. Repeat. Over Half A Million New Startups Created In The UK.

StartUp Britain

StartUp Britian, the national campaign promoting entrepreneurship, set a bold challenge at the start of the year. To help promote and encourage more people to start up than ever before and get over half a million new companies going.

In 2011 the figure stood at 440,600 and last year it was 484,224. With an economy that was still unsure of whether recovery might be around the corner it was a bold campaign to kick-start.

Last Friday however saw the record smashed for people starting up. This is fantastic news and a truly brilliant milestone in this country’s entrepreneurial history. Small businesses are the lifeblood of the economy and we need to encourage and support them.

As well as encouraging people to startup we need to encourage them to think big. To aim for growth and to have an ambitious roadmap for the future.

If growth was encouraged and if each of these new companies could grow sufficiently to take just one young person on we could more than half youth unemployment in the UK. What a triumph that would be.

StartUp Britain
In the meantime, here’s to a brilliant year for UK enterprise and a big thank you for all the hard work the StartUp Britain team has been doing.



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