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You Don’t Want To Spill Coffee On This Womans Latptop

Next time you’re in a coffee shop, take a little more care. You never know when you’ll be up against the wall.

Concept Cupboard heads to 10 Downing Street

No 10 Enterprise Nation

Yesterday we had the pleasure of heading to 10 Downing Street thanks to the pioneering work of Enterprise Nation and the brilliant Emma Jones.

The reason for the meeting was to bring a bunch of creative entrepreneurs in to talk about their experiences in growing a company and how the government can help them flourish. Daniel Korski, the PM’s special advisor on enterprise, had kindly agreed to meet with us for an hour to listen to our views. Read more…

How To Make Star Wars Great Again

We like to let the inner geek out once in a while at Concept Cupboard and came across this awesome animation.

Now, does anyone have the number for J.J. Abrams people?

If you’re going to quit your job, this is the way to do it

Sometimes you just need to go out in a viral blaze of glory. Here’s to you Marina Shifrin!

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