7 Awesome Art Installations

Art installations have the power to inspire a community and can prompt people travelling miles and miles to see them. From complex, high-tech works through to the simplest constructions we love to see creativity brought to life and shared with other people. These are some of our favourites.

1. Global Sounds Project

With the number of migrants in the EU increasing over the last few years and cultures being bound together this project looked to showcase how wonderful this interaction can be through sound.

2. Book Installation

This tornado of books produced by Alicia Martin is a great example of an eye catching installation. How can you not look at it!?

Art Installation Art Installation

3. Mirrored Dalston House

Oh the fun you can have with mirrors. This illusion allowed locals to directly interact with the installation with many posing as Spiderman. I mean, who wouldn’t.

Dalston House Installation Dalston House Installation

4. Rain Room

It can be the simplest of concepts that are the most striking. The Rain Room allowed people to experience being in the middle of a continuous rain storm whilst never getting wet by using a series of sensors to detect where people were.

Rain Room Rain Room

5. Banksy Telephone Booth

A list of creativity wouldn’t be the same without a mention to Banksy. Here he portrays the decline in use of telephone boxes in Britain.

Banksy Telephone Booth

6. Drink Away The Art

Art and drinks go hand in hand right? Well why not take this to another level. In this exhibition, people had to drink their way to viewing the art. Warning: don’t attempt this art exhibition alone.

Drink The Art Away Drink The Art Away

7. Ponte De Singe

This ethereal bridge poses a striking view as it is held afloat by balloons. It may not be practical but it certainly is beautiful.

Pont De Singe Pont De Singe


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