4 Posts You Should Be Reading This Week – Entrepreneur Edition

1. Embrace the desire to make money

It’s not wrong to want to change the world with a startup but at the end of the day you’re going to have to make money to become a sustainable company. This post from Daniel Tenner aka Swombat, real hits the nail on the head.

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2. An interview with Damien Kimmelman of Duedil

I’ve been fascinated with Duedil ever since finding out about them last year. The startup aggregates and turns company data into useful information allowing you to easily track competitors and suppliers. The man behind the company, Damien Kimmelman is interviewed by the creators of Built in London.

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3. Get off idea island

Get talking to people and you’ll quickly find out that most people have an idea burning in the back of their mind for a business or product that they’d love to launch. This post gives you a much needed push and some advice on taking that first step.

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4. Community Marketing: Starting A Movement For Your Product

One of the biggest problems for establishing a company is getting the word out. Traditional advertising is stale. Read this post to find out about starting a movement instead.

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