Success – Be careful of your aspirations

In life, we hear the word success bandied around constantly.

“Look at him, he is so successful”

“I’m going to forge a successful career for myself ”

“I want to succeed at this, or that”

If you look around at people within our society who are labelled as “successful” such as businessmen, sports personalities and pop stars. While they may be successful at growing their business, hitting the back of the net and making hit records are they TRUELY successful?

Having excelled in their respective fields, does that mean they have attained a level of success in other aspects of their life, such as their family life, emotional life or their physical life?

My view is that, we as a society tag these individuals as successful and something to aspire to, yet our opinions are based only on one aspect of their life.

This blinkered view of someone, creates a distorted aspiration.

Someone you perceive as being successful may have a flourishing career but behind closed doors their home life may be in tatters.

Do you really want to be as unbalanced as this “successful” individual, only excelling in one aspect of your life while the others nose dive.

For me this is like aspiring to be like someone who only ever trains one side of their body at the gym. Sure, they might have a big right arm, but their left arm will be weak and pathetic.

Would you say that this person has a good healthy body that you’d aspire to achieve? I hope you wouldn’t.

To have a well-balanced life, aim to be successful in every aspect of your life and be cautious of aspiring to be like “successful people”.


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