10 Cheap Fun Things For You To Do This Summer

Summer is here, and for most students it is a time to kick back and relax after a long academic year of ‘studying’ and partying. Whatever you have planned for the summer months, whether it’s a trip away with friends/family, music festivals, part time work etc, there inevitability will be times when you are bored to tears. Fear not though, as I’ve compiled ten fun cheap things to do when you’re going out of your mind with nothing to do.

Become a superhero 

Superhero films really resonate with us all. They appeal to our sense of morality and our longing to stand out and be special.

So why not round up your friends and start living the dream, who cares if you don’t have super powers? If Bruce Wayne can do it then why can’t you?

Go and raid your parents wardrobe and start putting your costume together, create a bad ass name, and then learn some basic moves from watching your super hero film. I suggest basing your moves on the Flash, so you can run like hell when someone sees you dressed like an idiot in public, or worse still when someone is about to do you in.



Work on your party tricks

Summer is the perfect time to get your party tricks up to scratch. You don’t want to be the lame one come term time who can’t fit a pint glass in their mouth.




Go and explore

Humans love to explore, so get to it. Go and buy a rubber dingy and sail the seven seas, or sail the channel if you want to be back in time for supper.



Take some inspiration from the movies

Why not try some cool stunts from the movies to pass the time? If you’ve got a Bmx and a bit of barbed wire you can recreate this famous scene from the great escape like for like.

great escape

If this doesn’t get you excited then maybe try and recreate a scene from Mission Impossible?


Start a Band

Don’t worry if you’re not musically talented in the slightest, most pop artists in the top ten charts aren’t either. Simply dig out your PS3 / Xbox 360, invite your friends around, then start playing Rock Band. Make sure you keep the TV hidden in the background so that you don’t give it away that you’re not performing live.



Try to set a world record

Come on, how hard can this actually be? And how cool would it be to go back next term and tell your classmates you’re a world record holder! Here’s two ideas to start you off, how about the worlds biggest biceps? Or capturing the world’s biggest bunny?



Scan Google street view for funny stuff

Here is some images that have already been discovered.





Start a new trend

Try to start a new trend and see if it catches on. This can go one of two ways, you will either be hailed as a genius if everyone follows or a complete nutcase if no one goes for it.



Build the ultimate sandwich

Breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper all in one.


Create an alter ego

It may be the case that you’re just bored of being you, why not create an alter ego and stay in character to see if this relieves the boredom.


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