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Concept Cupboard Nominated By Lord Young And Sir Terry Leahy As One Of Britain’s Brightest Business Talents

Accelerate 250

We’re thrilled to announce that Concept Cupboard has been named one of the Accelerate 250, a new business community championed by Sir Terry Leahy and Lord Young. The selected 250 are representing Britain’s fastest growing companies who are the “vital 6%” and will be “creating half of all new jobs in the UK economy”.

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BBC Feature: How do you solve Europe’s youth unemployment problem?


If you didn’t catch it last week we were featured on the BBC for a piece on how to solve youth unemployment. This crisis is reaching unprecedented levels across the region and we felt it prudent to speak up about what needs to be done about tackling this issue before it is deemed too big to solve.

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10 Cheap Fun Things For You To Do This Summer

Summer is here, and for most students it is a time to kick back and relax after a long academic year of ‘studying’ and partying. Whatever you have planned for the summer months, whether it’s a trip away with friends/family, music festivals, part time work etc, there inevitability¬†will be times when you are bored to tears. Fear not though, as I’ve compiled ten fun cheap things to do when you’re going out of your mind with nothing to do. Read more…

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