Business On The Go: Past, Present And Future

business on the go

Business on the go

In our office we tend to have some really random conversations, ranging from normal everyday topics to discussions that cannot and should not be ever repeated again.

The other day we were having a civil discussion, talking about the ‘good old’ days and this got me thinking because of the work we do with businesses here at Concept Cupboard. How has business on the go changed and what is likely to happen in the future?

For some of you reading this, it’ll be a fond trip down memory lane and for others you’ll probably wonder how the hell people got any business done. So lets roll back the years…

The year is 1993

John Major is the Prime Minister and Bill Clinton is the President of the USA. Manchester United win the first ever premier league title, Spielberg brings dinosaurs to the big screen and Whitney Houston’s “I will always love you” is the year’s tearjerker hit.

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The businessman of this year is of course a very savvy and sophisticated individual.

On his walk into the office, he blasts out Now that’s what I call music 93 on his new toy that he bought at the weekend, a Sony Discman. Cassettes are old news to the businessman of 1993. He’s too busy to sit there and wind up his malfunctioning cassettes with a pencil or to clean out his walkman with an ear bud.

Feeling good in himself and his double breasted pin striped suit, he cooly strolls along the pavement, he doesn’t want the Discman to skip after all.

Passing the local newspaper vendor, he picks up his daily paper and realises he’s running late as he glances at his digital Casio watch. Better make a call to the secretary he thinks pulling out his Nokia 1101, which weighs a wrist aching 0.5kg and doesn’t sustain a conversation for more than 90 minutes. It does however feature text messaging. Two lines of it on the handset’s futuristic green display. Who needs a pager he smugly thinks?

The businessman has a quick conversation with his secretary about collecting some files (from the cabinet that is) before his arrival. Obviously he raises his voice during the conversation, not because she’s hard of hearing but that was the thing to do in the early 90′s. You wanted people to know you were on the phone, you were ahead of the game remember.

Upon entering the office, the businessman has a quick catch up with his secretary and shows her his pictures from his holiday a few weeks ago. He explains the reason for the delay, having only had enough time to nip down to Jessops at the weekend to get the film developed.

The sound of the fax machines are going and the office is buzzing, by the time he sits down to the mountains of files and folders at his desk. Flipping through a rolodex to find his contacts, he notices in the corner of his eye that the office computer is available, like an excited school child he picks himself up and scuttles on over. A quick crack of his knuckles and he begins to pound the keyboard with both index fingers. He could have prevented pounding the keyboard and dodge the arduous process of traditional faxing, if he knew how email faxing was created.

Finally he’s logged in and is ready to check his e-mails!

Nothing there…

Maybe tomorrow he thinks as he struts on back to his desk.

Fastword 20 years to 2013

David Cameron is the Prime Minister and Barack Obama is the President of the USA, Man United win the premier league (again), the new Superman film is set to be the box office hit of the year, and Macklemore’s thrift shop is the hit song of the year so far.


The businessman of 2013 sits back down at his desk and checks countless e-mails on his Mac. He has to sift though the important messages that are relevant to his job, and the not so important mail such as updates from Linked-in, Amazon recommendations, Ebay bid notifications and the occasional buy viagra now message!

He promptly replies to the important ones, and starts preparing for his lunch time meeting with a new client. He doesn’t know too much about them, so he does some research 2013 style and Googles their name, this leads him onto the clients Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin page. The businessman discovers that the client has a keen interest in taxidermy, Irish jig dancing and is also a Star Trek fan. All of which the businessman hasn’t a clue about.

Understanding the importance of finding a common ground with the client, he face-times his trekkie friend on the iPhone 5 for some advice. A reminder on the phone prompts him that he’s going to be late, no need for a watch anymore. They’re just a fashion accessory in 2013. The businessman quickly picks up his blue, single breasted jacket and connects a hands free set to continue the conversation on his walk to meet the client.

Halfway there, the businessman knows his Captain Kirk from his Mr Zulu and even knows some basic Klingon, now it’s time to get in the zone for the meeting with a bit of music from his Spotify playlist. As he’s walking he notices an interesting advertisement, and thinks that it may be a useful idea for his company to incorporate. The businessman captures the image using instagram and is on his way again, now he’s in danger of being really late.

He decides to order a taxi to take him the rest of the way, so he loads up the Hailo app. During the journey he has enough time to work out his route home using Google maps and also to post a status update about his hectic morning.

Fast forward another 20 years to the year 2033

Harry Styles is the Prime Minister and the President of the U.S.A is Miley Cyrus (in 2025 celebrities became so powerful they just took over everything). Manchester United have yet again won the premier league (guess who I support), the Son of Batman is the years box office hit, and the song of the year is love and hate by London rapper Pint Size.


The 2033 businessman exits the taxi as it starts to rain,  he’s not too worried about it as he’s only a few feet away from the entrance. It wouldn’t be a problem anyway, given his water repellent suit (triple breasted).

The businessman then places his face into the retina scanner at the door, which confirms he is of course the businessman of 2033. Entering the foyer he realises he has forgoten the prototype for the client. What an idiot! It’s not the end of the world though, he just uses the 3d printer in the reception to quickly recreate his prototype.

Prototype in hand, he’s shown into the meeting room where he shakes the clients hand, whose name he has completely forgotten! Luckily Google glass facial recognition technology has his back, and pops up the clients name on the screen just in time to avoid an embarrassing situation. The client is of course none the wiser.

The client then politely enquires about the businessman’s journey to the meeting, wondering what had happened as he’d been tracking his journey from the start. The businessman shows him by uploading his recorded journey from his Google glasses to the client’s device.

The client likes the advertisement that the businessman saw on his journey, and wants to use some of the concepts to promote the businessman’s prototype. All in all, the meeting goes well for the businessman and he leaves with a smile on his face.

As he leaves the office, the rain finally stops and a beautiful rainbow covers the sky. A concentrated blink and the scenic image is captured and uploaded to the web. Now to head home, but not before a cheeky detour to the pub to celebrate, the inbuilt mapping app will take care of that.

I would love to hear how business has changed for you and your company over the years, get in touch with your stories!

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