3-D Printing Pen. Yes, this is a thing.

It’s just come to our attention that a new Kickstarter project has smashed its goal for funding to create a 3-D writing pen. Yep, you heard us correctly. Sketching is never going to be the same again.

The 3Doodler as its called works as simply as a pen to allow you to draw anything you want in plastic. From simple objects such as words through to more intricate structures as the Eifell tower. The creators are even looking to create stencils to help you get started with some projects. We thought fun at school had peaked with glue guns.

We’ve been huge fans of the 3-D printing movement that has the potential to disrupt hundreds of industries. For now though, check out some of the photos and the kickstarter video. I for one will be waiting to recreate some epic architecture.

Ostrich-+-Eiffel1 Pen-+-Eiffel1

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