9 essential blogs for startups and entrepreneurs in 2013

Based on what I’ve been reading in 2012 you’re going to be needing these blogs in 2013. They have provided inspiration, guidance and wise council all year long and have helped transform my view on entrepreneurship and startups. I recommend that you read the article I’ve picked out for each blog to see what they have to offer.


1. Startup Lessons Learned


Probably one of the most prolific startup blogs out there from the father of the Lean Startup movement, Eric Ries. He doesn’t update the blog as regularly these days but I’m still going through the archives and learn something new every time I do. Highly recommended.

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2. Paul Grahams Essays


Legendary Paul Graham, co-founder of Y Combinator has a vast collection of essays on his site covering a wide variety of topics. One of the few long form sources of information that I regularly come back to you will definitely be left thinking about what you’ve just read.

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3. The Startup Toolkit


This blog is run by entrepreneur Rob Fitzpatrick. He has successfully bankrupted 3 companies so far. Expect to find a lot of lessons learned with a focus on early startup strategy and a good focus on customer development. I also had great enjoyment from watching his 10k Bootstrap Challenge which you should also check out.

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4. Andrew Chen


Interested in growth hacking and design? Then Andrew Chen’s blog is the ONE. Seriously, this guy has got it sussed and was coining the term ‘growth hacker’ before Techcrunch could get its grubby little mits on the subject. (It’s not that I don’t love you Techcrunch, its just been a bumpy road).

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5. Joel Gascoigne


The founder of Bufferapp has proven to be my go to source for productivity and life hacks in 2012. He has a killer routine in which he kicks startup ass each and every day and will be something I can hopefully improve on in 2013. As well as his personal blog you should check out the Buffer blog for some other awesome insights.

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6. KISS Metrics


New to marketing startups? Or think you’ve got every move in your playbook? Either way, you’re going to need KISS metrics awesome blog. They have got a TON of content on there from how-to’s through to infographics. Pick a few articles out and you’re going to be marketing like a pro in no time.

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7. ben’s blog


Ben Horowitz’s, of Andreessen Horowitz fame, has an awesome blog giving insights from how they pick companies through to the various attributes needed for great leadership. This particular post that I’ve picked out has some awesome points to take on board whether you’re the newest recruit or in fact the CEO. He also starts a post with an awesome song and some lyrics. What’s not to love?

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8. Seth Godin


The Wise One. Seth Godin has had a massive influence on me in 2012. From making remarkable products through to being indispensable he always inspires me to spread a message greater that what I am already trying to achieve. His TED Talk is a must and his blog really compliments his books. I can usually be found tweeting most articles he publishes.

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9. Swombat


I first got put onto Daniel Tenner’s blog by a very good friend at university and since then haven’t looked back. He has been compiling a veritable startup bible from both is own insights as well as commenting frequently on others posts in the startup community. His blog has grown from strength to strength whilst I’ve been reading and I look forward to see this continue in the future. if you’ve got a question on startups then he more than likely has a snippet in his archives to answer your question.

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What blogs do you find essential? Let me know either in the comments or hit me up on twitter.

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