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9 essential blogs for startups and entrepreneurs in 2013

Based on what I’ve been reading in 2012 you’re going to be needing these blogs in 2013. They have provided inspiration, guidance and wise council all year long and have helped transform my view on entrepreneurship and startups. I recommend that you read the article I’ve picked out for each blog to see what they have to offer.

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Best creative campaigns of 2012

2012 has been an outstanding year for creativity so I thought I’d share a quick roundup of my favourite creative campaigns.

1. Red Bull Stratos Space Jump

This was truly one of the standout events of the year. With over 8 million people concurrently watching Felix Baumgartner jump from space this was not only another great step for human ingenuity but also a great campaign from Red Bull. Twitter was abuzz with second by second coverage of the event with most tweets having the hashtag #RedBull featured. The company has yet again proved that it can stay at the forefront of peoples minds for awesome events and content.

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Merry Christmas and here’s to an amazing New Year

Concept Cupboard Christmas
I’d just like to say from myself and the rest of the Concept Cupboard team what a great year 2012 has turned out to be. We’ve had the pleasure of working with some brilliant clients, met a ton of great new people and built on what was a great first year of existence for Concept Cupboard. There have been so many inspirational moments this year from which we have drawn from and keep us focused on building a better service for you each and every day.

As ever, we couldn’t keep doing what we’re doing without all of you and your help so a big thank you from us. Have a very merry Christmas and a smashing New Year. See you in 2013!

All the best,


Ira Glass on Creative Work

I keep coming back to this video and I think its message is one that applies not to just creative industries but pretty much most industries. You have to do A LOT of work to get good.┬áIt’s about perseverance and a drive to keep learning along the way. There is no substitue for hard graft and when you finally look back at where you started out it’s always amazing to see how far you’ve come.

It’s the journey, not the destination that counts, so make sure to enjoy it.

New features on Concept Cupboard

We’ve been working hard at Concept Cupboard to bring you some new and exciting updates. We’re always aiming to improve the experience you have with us. There are tons of smaller tweaks that I won’t mention in this post but like any good update they should become second nature to use right away.

We’ve been listening very careful to all of you since our launch and I’d just like to say how important it is for us to hear feedback from you. It allows us to get better much faster and to really pinpoint the awesome features you want to see on the site. Get in touch with us at any time and let the team know what you like and what you don’t so much.

Here are some of the updates you’ll see on Concept Cupboard

Live feedback on all briefs

This was one of the biggest pain points that I heard when talking to both businesses and creatives. After seeing the huge success it had on logo design briefs we simply had to launch this update ASAP. This will now allow a much quicker feedback loop and we’ll aim to to close down the time it takes between an idea submission and the feedback given. We noticed a much higher level of engagement in the creative briefs and subsequently a higher number of submissions being made per brief.

See briefs without signing in

To make it much quicker for you creative types to check out a brief we’ve now opened up briefs so you can see them without having to log into the system all the time. You’ll still need to log into to submit ideas but this should be an improvement when you’re looking to have a quick glance of what’s on offer.

Refer 5 friends and get a FREE listing

We’ve updated how referrals now work for businesses on Concept Cupboard. Simply email 5 people you think Concept Cupboard would be useful to and we’ll provide you with a discount code for a FREE listing on Concept Cupboard, isn’t that great!? It really does mean a lot to everyone here when you help us spread the word and it helps us leaps and bounds so we wanted to try and give something back to you.

If you’re a creative type and are wondering where your rewards are, never fear. We’re working on getting the best possible rewards for when you help us with a shout out. More to come soon so keep your eyes peeled!

Explore our Hall of Fame

We’re so proud of all the amazing work that our creatives have produced so it seemed a shame not to share this with everyone else. You can now see some of the latest and greatest work being completed in our Hall of Fame. From the hottest startups to the biggest brands we’ll be showing off what our creatives are made of. Question is, will your business be making a feature?

That’s all for now folks and we can’t wait to unveil the other top secret projects we’ve been working on but you’ll just have to wait a little longer. If you’ve got any questions about the new features or want to give us some feedback then get in contact with us today!

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