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Making a case for optimism

When was the last time you turned on the news and didn’t see a story about a crisis or a brewing disaster? The modern media can often make it hard to see a bright future ahead of us. However, I’m constantly reassured when I turn the news off and start looking to the pioneers and innovators in the world today. There are truly remarkable breakthroughs coming through in science and the arts every single day but it can be hard to notice them with main stream news trying to be the loudest person on the room. Luckily, the internet is on hand to provide plenty of stories of good going on in the world to uplift you and to help keep you going.

At Concept Cupboard I am constantly reassured that I can remain optimistic through the energy and enthusiasm in which our young creatives throw at problems and challenges. They truly are some of the future leaders and innovators in their field and it is a privilege to see them designing and building the shape of our world to come.

Each new generation comes along and perseveres against the difficult circumstances in which it finds itself and this will carry on for as long as time. This thought was sparked by a TED talk given earlier this year on why we should remain optimistic. It really is an inspiring talk and I highly recommend you take the time out to watch this. Continue building a better future.

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