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We’ve just come across some great news and it gets even better for you creative types! The UK’s innovation foundation, Nesta, is in need of some brilliant artwork to showcase in their networking and events spaces. Nesta is a UK charity dedicated to nurturing innovative solutions to solve important social and economic problems facing the country today. We’d love to see one of our talented creatives have their work showcased and based on the work we see on the site every single day lets just say, we’re confident of their chances. To find out more about this competition, read on.

Nesta are looking for a range of pieces to display so if your work contains or is a combination of the following then we know they’d be delighted to hear from you:

- Photography
- Video
- Sculpture
- Ceramics
- Fashion
- Fine art

To those entering this competition you need to ensure that your work is able to convey Nestas core mission of innovation in the UK. We’ve seen plenty of innovative art and design since we launched and it would be fantastic to see this talent shared with others. Nesta are in search of work that can really inspire their visitors so if you think you have something along these lines then make sure not to miss out. This is a fantastic opportunity to help a very unique and interesting charity whilst being able show off your work at scale. They estimate footfall of over 10,000 people per year come through here so this really is a chance to shine. On winning the competition Nesta will be albe to provide expenses, to an extent, and also to cover transport and installation of your work.

You simply have to fill in their form and make sure to meet their deadline of Monday 26th November. Good luck to all who enter and we can’t wait to see some fantastic UK artwork being showcased. The entry form can be found here.

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