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Showcase your artwork with Nesta

We’ve just come across some great news and it gets even better for you creative types! The UK’s innovation foundation, Nesta, is in need of some brilliant artwork to showcase in their networking and events spaces. Nesta is a UK charity dedicated to nurturing innovative solutions to solve important social and economic problems facing the country today. We’d love to see one of our talented creatives have their work showcased and based on the work we see on the site every single day lets just say, we’re confident of their chances. To find out more about this competition, read on.

Nesta are looking for a range of pieces to display so if your work contains or is a combination of the following then we know they’d be delighted to hear from you:

- Photography
- Video
- Sculpture
- Ceramics
- Fashion
- Fine art

To those entering this competition you need to ensure that your work is able to convey Nestas core mission of innovation in the UK. We’ve seen plenty of innovative art and design since we launched and it would be fantastic to see this talent shared with others. Nesta are in search of work that can really inspire their visitors so if you think you have something along these lines then make sure not to miss out. This is a fantastic opportunity to help a very unique and interesting charity whilst being able show off your work at scale. They estimate footfall of over 10,000 people per year come through here so this really is a chance to shine. On winning the competition Nesta will be albe to provide expenses, to an extent, and also to cover transport and installation of your work.

You simply have to fill in their form and make sure to meet their deadline of Monday 26th November. Good luck to all who enter and we can’t wait to see some fantastic UK artwork being showcased. The entry form can be found here.

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StartUp Britain Bus Tour: Promoting the next generation of entrepreneurs


It’s time again for the StartUp Britain team to hit the road on a nationwide tour to promote UK enterprise. This years main aim is to promote entrepreneurship amongst young people as well as showcasing emerging talent.

The team will be stopping off at a 17 different universities and colleges around the country from Portsmouth to Liverpool so you’ll have plenty of chances to ‘hop on board’ and see what’s going on. If you’re able to make it along to any of the stops along the way then you shouldn’t miss out on the opportunity. If you’ve been hankering to get some advice for your startup or just wondering what it takes to startup then the StartUp Britain team are the right people to ask. There will also be a range of businesses and mentors available at each stop to cater to any kind of question that you can throw at them. To find out more about the tour then take a look here.

We are constantly inspired at Concept Cupboard with the amount of youngsters today looking to set up their own enterprise. The fresh ideas and enthusiasm that we see on a daily basis with our own student and graduates really does keep us going and makes us strive to be an even better company each day. We’ll be on hand at the University of Reading ready to bounce ideas off and to give advice to any budding entrepreneurs that want to come along. If you can’t make the Reading stop and would still like to ask us any questions then feel free to contact the team here. We’re always looking to help people, whether that’s using Concept Cupboard to connect with creatives or asking us to beta test a service of yours.

Here’s to a great campaign and we can’t wait for things to get kicked off at the end of this week starting with Youth Enterprise Live at Earls Court, which promises to be a stellar event. We hope to see as many of you on the tour so make sure to say hello!

£10,000 to kickstart your business idea: NACUE’s Varsity Pitch Competition

Times are tough coming out of university at the moment. With an average of 52 applications to every graduate position [source] it will mean a lot of disappointment and frustration across the country. When I graduated it took 3 months to finally find this job. For a lot of students and graduates going to jobs fairs the impression you get is that getting a job with a big corporate is the only option. This is by no means the only path available to you however. Why not a career in entrepreneurship? There are many ways in which you can pursue this route in life and here is one opportunity that you wont want to pass up…

NACUE have really knocked it out of the park with a no strings attached offer of £10,000 to transform your business idea into a reality. You don’t have to be a hacker in a garage or have a 10,000 word business plan with how you’re going to shake up the property industry. All you need is an idea that you’re passionate about.

It really couldn’t be easier to enter. Simply record your video pitch, upload to youtube, and submit the entry form. Once this has happened, the good people at NACUE will review all submissions and then whittle this down to 7 businesses for the semi-finals. The final 7 will then attend a bootcamp to hone their business plan and pitch. On the final day of the competition the 7 teams will pitch live to an audience of media, entrepreneurs and investors. The night will culminate in the winner of the Varsity Pitch competition being announced. How exciting.

We’re proud by being able to say that we’ll be adding to the list of prizes that come in addition to the £10,000 grand prize. For the final winner, we’ll be offering repeated free listings on the site as well as well as a creative brief consultation. We’ll also be offering support for the 6 semi-finalists that don’t get crowned at the end of the night. For more details on the rewards from this competition see here.

This competition offers a tremendous opportunity for any aspiring entrepreneurs. You’ll make some great contacts, get some sage advice along the way and get some awesome offers thrown in as well. We’re really excited to see the entrepreneurial flare and enthusiasm coming through from the UK’s next generation of business stars.

Before you go on to submit your business pitch or if you’re unsure as to whether you should apply then watch the video below. It sums up what being an entrepreneur should be all about. It’s told me to go out in the world, build things and meet new people. Be bold and persevere no matter what the outcome.

So then. Take a leap of faith, record your video submission and wait to see what happens. What have you got to lose?

The deadline closes on the 14th October so get your entry in ASAP. More information can be found here. If anyone needs any help or advice then do get in contact with me on twitter and I’d be more than happy to help.

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Creative Talk: A CG Arts and Animation graduate shares some top tips.

Have you ever considered studying computer graphics and animation at university? Simply curious about what it entails? Then read on below for some great advice from a recent graduate.

Tell us who you are and what you studied at university.

My name is Charlotte and I have recently graduated from the University for the Creative Arts at Rochester. The course I studied for three years was CG Arts and Animation. Within that course I learnt a verity of skills, such as animation, 3D modelling, texturing, skinning and rigging.

What first interested you about CG Arts and Animation?

Doctor Who. I’ve always been interested in the animation side of things, but it wasn’t until I started to like Doctor Who that I took interest in the ‘special effects’ side of things. What interested me in actually enrolling onto the CG course was the fact that it would get me a job working on Doctor Who, animating background elements and special effects.

What are the prerequisites and preparation that you need to enter a rather technical area?

The course I did took you through everything from scratch. In the first year you have lessons in Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro and Autodesk Maya. Everything you would need to learn is provided and no previous knowledge on how to use these programs were needed. However I used to learn 3D Studio Max at college and therefore had a rough idea of how such a complex program worked. This I felt gave me a slight advantage and made understanding everything else a lot easier.

What’s your best piece of advice for anyone going into the field of CG Arts and Animation?

Have a strong mind and will really. People always assume with CG that everything can be done by a click of a button and is created 99% by machine. However this is not the case. My animation which is featured took 15 weeks of work, starting from day one. Also what people don’t realize is that a lot of 2D work goes on behind the scenes. Before anything can be created in Maya a clear concept of what needs to be created needs to be sorted first. A new project starts off with a lot of sketching and brain storming as well as research. Then, once we have a strong concept do we go into Maya and start building. Once all of our animations and work is ready we export the footage from Maya and then composite it using After Effects and Premiere Pro.

What are your next steps now out of university?

To do some freelance work, using my skills as mentioned above to save up a little bit of money as I hope to eventually do a Masters at some point. I also hope to one day be able to work on the special effects team for Doctor Who. I will also be working on my portfolio which can be seen on my blog.

To find out more about Charlotte you can find her blog here and you should check out here showcase post here.

If you’re a creative looking to expand your portfolio and get paid for it at university then you should sign up for Concept Cupboard today. The exclusive platform for UK creative students and graduates. 

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