Concept Cupboard Book Competition: Champions of Design


Here at Concept Cupboard we’re massive fans of great design and creativity. Also music, we can’t forget music. Like great design, music can change and influence your state of mind massively.

That’s why we want to know the one song that inspires you the most. That makes you feel at your most creative. We want to pull all of your songs together and turn them into a playlist that will hopefully go on and help other people feel more creative and inspired.

In return for letting us know your favourite tune we’ll put you into a draw to win this rather excellent design book and feature you, your song of choice and a link to your portfolio on our site. Sounds pretty sweet right?

Make sure to tweet with a link to your song of choice with the hashtag #CreativeBeats and we’ll start putting together an epic creative playlist as well as entering you into the competition draw. Here’s an example of what to tweet to enter the competition:


I look forward to blasting out your entries in the office so start sending them in now!

Entries need to be in by the 20th July 2012. 


Head of Hacking, Concept Cupboard.


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