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Lessons from the Global Entrepreneurship Congress Summit 2012


Held at Liverpool’s Echo Arena the Global Entrepreneurship Congress Summit featured Sir Richard Branson, Sir Terry Leahy, Lord Michael Heseltine, Martha Lane-Fox & even comedian John Bishop.

Here are just some of the pieces of advice handed out during the summit’s keynote talks:

Sir Richard Branson – Screw it, let’s do it


Here are just a few of the tips shared by Sir Richard Branson during a Q&A session with Mike Southon:

- The art of delegation is key. By mastering the ability to delegate effectively Branson was able to step aside from the nitty gritty of running the business (or businesses in his case). It not only gave him the opportunity to continue other entrepreneurial endeavours, but also focus on the bigger picture. Read more…

UPDATE: New Logo submission process

We’ve been working away at Concept Cupboard HQ to bring you a brand new logo design submission process. We’ll break down how it affects you whether you’re a creative or a business.


As a brief owner you will now be able to review and rate ideas live. During the course of the briefs lifetime you can now let creatives know whether they are on the right track in terms of the ideas that they’ve submitted to your brief.

All of the ideas that you’ve had submitted will now be displayed in the following format with a very simple interface through which to review and rate.

To view the files in more detail you can either hover your mouse over an image to gain an enhanced preview or click to see the original file.

Logo design review



We’ve completely stripped the process down so that now you’ll only need to upload one main image for a logo design brief. There are no idea titles or descriptions any more as your logo should do all the talking for you! If you’ve got a few variations or completely separate ideas then you can easily keep on submitting until your done.

Here’s what the new process will look like.

Concept Cupboard - Logo Design Submission

You’ll now be able to receive live feedback from brief owners and be notified by email when this happens. From this feedback you will be able to refine your idea and have the option at this stage of whether to develop and submit another idea.

All your feedback and ideas will now be displayed like this -

Logo design

Any questions?

If you’ve got any questions about this new process or run into trouble along the way then don’t hesitate to let us know! Contact us here.



Content overload and the rise of the aggregators



I don’t know if you’ve noticed folks but we’re facing a little bit of an epidemic. Content overload. There is more information than ever before and the rate at which this is being created is only gaining pace. According to ex-Google CEO Eric Schmidt this is the scale of the problem we seem to be facing.

“Every two days, we create as much information as we did up to 2003.” –Eric Schmidt

Read more…

10 Principles of Good Design – Dieter Rams


Dieter Rams has been one of my favourite designers for a long time now. Part of the reason for this was finding and appreciating his 10 principles for good design. Here Dieter outlines a number of guidelines, and I would always interpret them as guidelines, when striving to achieve not just good, but great design.
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February’s Winner: Verity W


February’s creative of the month goes to Verity. Congratulations!

We’ve been a big fan of Verity’s work since she joined Concept Cupboard last June. She recently won The “Lon Prop” brief & the project owner was not only blown away with the work she provided, but also her professionalism & speed. A job well done!
Some samples of Verity’s recent work:

Lonprop - Concept Cupboard

Onvestor - Concept Cupboard

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How to conduct a job interview: A list of top tips


Top tips for conducting job interviews

Being on the interviewer’s side of the table when it comes to hiring is almost as daunting as being the one getting interviewed. After all, picking somebody to fill a position in your business is a tough call and after seeing row after row of faces, all giving you similar sound answers, it can be tough to decide who to pick. Still, there are a few easy tips that will make the whole selection process a great deal easier. Read more…

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