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How to write a great web design brief

website design

The difference between a “good” and a “great” brief will not only save you time, but money too.

Even though you may be keen to get started and hand everything over to a designer, spending time getting the brief right upfront, will reap rewards further down the design process. You’ll not only get a better end product, but the whole process will be smoother & the people you are working with will be able to spend their time designing and not trying to second guess what you actually want.

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December’s winner: Sam B

December’s induction onto the Winner’s Wall is Sam B from Bristol. Sam blew us away with his submission for the recent Future Ink project. Here’s our take on the work:

Stunning designs all presented extremely professionally. Sam has obviously spent a great deal of time on this project and has provided the client with an abundance of choice – Concept Cupboard

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Launching the Creative Winner’s Wall

Each month we will be showcasing our favourite submissions on Concept Cupboard. It could be a logo design, a storyboard, a website design or a piece of copy. Regardless of what form the creative takes we’ll be looking out for the following:

» Excellent presentation making it easy for the client

» Clear understanding of the brief

» Outstanding creative treatment

» Going the extra mile

Remember, you don’t need to win the project to get on the winner’s wall!

Creative Winners Wall

Each winner will be featured on the blog along with their work in all its glory. We’ll even send something nice out in the post as a bit of a well done.

Want to be next month’s winner? Then make sure you submit great work on Concept Cupboard.

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Become a Concept Cupboard Student Brand Manager

If you are still at University and you are looking to get involved in something that will not only look great on your CV, but will also help your career in the creative industry then please read on.

We are currently searching for Student Brand Managers in Universities across the UK to help us engage more creatives, raise awareness of Concept Cupboard as well as help us improve the site and the service we provide.

Student Brand Manager

What will you be expected to do?
A little bit of everything! From giving a presentations about Concept Cupboard to your peers, through to helping us set up meetings & events at your University. It won’t take up lots of time, but we’ll need your help in concentrated bursts over the next 12 months.

Who are we looking for?
We are looking for someone who is as passionate about Concept Cupboard as we are. You’ll need to be confident, committed & trustworthy as we’ll be trusting you to spread the word about Concept Cupboard within your University.

What will you get in return?
Sadly we can’t pay you for your help, but we can do a few other things to make sure we stay even:

  • Agency tours: we’ll arrange special guided tours around some of the UK’s best agencies.
  • Pint with a Creative Director: get an invite to the pub with an award-winning CD
  • Book Crits: get feedback on your portfolio from award-winning creatives

In addition you’ll be first to hear about job opportunities, new Concept Cupboard developments and other good stuff we haven’t even thought of yet.

Next steps
Click the button below to go to our snappy application form. You’ll need to tell us why YOU are the right person for the job. Be creative!

Brand Manager button

Concept Cupboard: Guest Bloggers Wanted


Here at Concept Cupboard we are looking for someone to take the limelight, centre stage, one of those comfy looking chairs from Dragons Den and become a guest blogger!

Whether your a creative, an entrepreneur or a niche moustache designer, all we care about are people who are passionate and have a story or message to tell.

If you have an idea for a post or even if you just want to get in touch and discuss the possible options then email me ( and we will see what can be arranged.

Please ensure that you include a little about yourself, a potential title for your blog post and a brief outline over what you want to cover in your post.

Look forward to hearing your suggestions!

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Why every startup should own a MiFi device

MiFi device

Spending money on shiny new gadgets isn’t normally something I’d recommend that small businesses do, but this handy little device is worth the investment. That and it is only about £65 so it won’t break the bank. In fact it should save you money in the long run.

What is a MiFi?
Basically it turns a 3G signal into a WiFi network allowing you to connect up to 5 x devices. That means you could even let a colleague (or four) get on your network.

MiFi device

How is it different to a dongle?
With an internet dongle you have to plug it into your USB device (laptop), but with a MiFi you don’t have to plug it in. Best of all you can connect multiple devices or let colleagues access the network at the same time.

Why is it so handy?
Free WiFi hotspots are growing in number, but they aren’t everywhere & you can’t always find one when you need one. So when you do have downtime in between meetings or are travelling it is incredibly useful to be able to jump online and work as if you are at your desk.

If you spend time in hotels you may be aware that some hotels charge crazy prices for data. Why get ripped off when you can create your own WiFi network for around £2 per day?

Running costs?
The great thing is you can actually pay & go. I only top up when I need it and if i know I am going to be needing data on the move over a few weeks I’ll just buy a month’s access as opposed to a days worth.

Only once have I not been able to get a signal with my MiFi device. It was in a hotel that could have doubled as a nuclear fall out shelter as I couldn’t get a phone signal on my iPhone either. So it really does get my vote of confidence. You may also experience a few dropouts on certain train journeys, but it is better than relying on the train’s own WiFi networks. I say that from experience.

Where can you get one?
You can buy unlocked MiFi devices from Amazon, but I bought mine from Three. To find out more about getting one visit Three’s site. You can also get them in white now. Wonder where they got that idea from?

If you’ve got any thoughts or opinions on MiFis or technology for small business in general then get please leave a comment.

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