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Must Listen Podcasts #3: Our Favourites

Whilst podcasts can be useful tools of information to leverage in your working life, sometimes you need to change the beat of life a little bit. The following are some of the podcasts we continually come back to for sources of inspiration, a few laughs or just something that has us hooked by the ear.

#1 – Buzz Out Loud

This podcast is the one you need in your ear for a heart mix of geek jokes and tech news. Not taking themselves too seriously makes this one of my most loved podcasts of all time. The team involved consist of members of online tech news site CNET. They provide you with an informative and varied does of all things tech with their own quirkiness thrown in for good measure. My top tip for listening to this podcast is to watch it. If you can try and get the video stream for this just because of the characters involved.

Buzz Out Loud Podcast

#2 – Desert Island Discs

A bit of a classic really. Tune in for an eclectic mix of music as well as some truly incredible stories from the shows brilliant and varied array of guests. There are so many podcasts to choose from over the years that you probably better get one going whilst you read on about the rest on offer here.

Desert Island Disc Podcast

#3 – Friday night comedy

You can always expect some of the best comedic talent putting in a stint on this show. A lot of the time you’ll hear them taking a satirical view of the news as well, as it seems, whatever comes to mind. If you’re looking for a laugh then this is most certainly the podcast for you.

Friday night comedy

#4 – Tom Robinson Introducing…

On this show Tom Robinson, like the title suggests, introduces you to a collection of new tracks in his ‘album length’ show. He brings to the forefront some of the more obscure bands out there today but the quality he manages to rustle up is usually rather outstanding. If you love you music and haven’t been listening to this you could be missing a trick, start enjoying it now!

Tom Robinson Introducing…

#5 – Freakonomics Radio

Prepare to be enlightened from a diverse spectrum of contributors. Whilst you never quite know what your going to be getting with this podcast you’re sure to learn something from it. I’m feeling smarter already.

Freakonomics Radio

What do you listen to?

Got any podcasts that your passionate about? Let us know via the comments box below or connect with us on twitter @ConceptCupboard

Learn the language of the Web: HTML

The web is made up of a diverse and complex array of programming languages that are always interacting with each other. To get anywhere on your path to mastering the web though, you’ll need to know Hypertext Markup Language or HTML as it is more commonly known.

From building your very first landing page though to developing a complex financial trading web application you need to have the basics nailed. And if you find it extremely complicated, you can always opt for a cheap web design which can provide you with all the excellent features at a pocket-friendly price.

Woah, woah, woah I may hear from some of the less technical readers , ‘I’m not a programmer’, but don’t worry. I’ve compiled some of the resources and tips that I have used to learn the language of the web (I wasn’t born typing lines of code I promise).

These days it is easier than ever for you to learn how to code. You can go out and buy a fancy and expensive textbook if you like but there is such a vast array of knowledge on the subject of HTML on the web that all you really need is your browser. Your going to be spending a lot of time there anyway if your planning on learning to code. So here are the places you should check out for some of the best in tutorials, quizzes and everything you need for some HTML knowledge.


This is the first place I ever looked at when I decided I wanted to be able to start creating websites. But I cannot recommend this website enough to you as it covers everything that a beginner would need in order to get up and coding pretty quickly. As well as laying out all the various HTML tags, for example <p>This is a paragraph</p>, the site also allows you to test your skills on the site and you can start to reverse engineer the code frameworks that have been laid out for you to see what different things do.

The website also has tutorials and run throughs of all the other web programming languages that you would ever need to use, just have a crack at the HTML first though.

Make sure to take a look at the site here.


Tizag follows in a similar format to that of W3Schools but it does need a mention in this post as a great alternative. Again, it contains everything a beginner would need as well as other resources that aren’t provided by W3Schools.

There is a great resource on the website that allows you to practice coding your own website and hosts everything for you so that you can get programming right away. Their HTML viewer can be found here.

Look at other websites

You can learn a lot about how things work with HTML by simply looking at the source code behind a website.

Seeing a website in all its coded glory will show you the structure and formatting you should use whilst coding as well as seeing what you do and don’t know by seeing if you recognise the HTML tags on display.

This is where you’ll usually find the option to view it:

Then you should be seeing something like this:

Get practising!

Now all you need to do is start creating your own website, app or whatever you fancy once you’ve got some rudimentary knowledge under your belt. At this stage you don’t need to buy a domain, hosting or any of the more technical stuff; just a browser and a text editor.

To help with the markup of your HTML code I would recommend using jEdit, which is a free text editor that will help you distinguish between all the different tags and elements that your going to be writing. Just make sure to save the file with the extension .html so that it doesn’t just think your writing a note.

You really don’t need dreamweaver and the latest computer to get coding so get out there, get stuck in and enjoy learning something new!

Image Source

Competition – Give your business wiiings

RedBull competition

win a free month of RedBull

As Concept Cupboard is now one of Real Business/RedBull Future 50 we’ve been given the chance to offer a month’s free supply of RedBull to 3 x lucky businesses. Being the good neighbours we are, we have already given our neighbours at Method their own stash.

All you need to do is share your top business tip with us on Twitter using the hashtag #bizwings.

It could be about finding new business, keeping on top of finances or even a great networking tip. Check out the example below:

Any business willing to share a great business tip can enter the competition. Sadly the competition isn’t open to our creatives. Sorry.

We’ll be announcing the 1st winner on November 16th while we are at the RedBull racing headquarters. We’ll do the second by the end of November.

You’ll get 1 x month’s worth of FREE RedBull as well as this very funky looking fridge below. It will be delivered and collected by RedBull so you’ll just need to advise on the best date for delivery if you win.

RedBull fridge

Must Listen Podcasts #2: Business

This is the second post in a series(check out the 1st post for creatives here) detailing what we, here at Concept Cupboard, recommend listening to for all things business. Without further adieu here’s the list.

#1 – Internet Marketing Podcast

Great podcast for gaining practical advice about a range of digital topics from search engine marketing through to sales and building customer engagement. The show also contains interviews with the likes of bestselling author Seth Godin and productivity guru Tim Ferriss.

Listening to this podcast will put you onto the latest digital trends as well as highlighting the web tools that you should be utilising.


#2 – Peter Day’s World of Business

Featuring content from his Radio 4 In Business programme, expect a in depth analysis of business topics and interviews with some well established firms as well as those starting out.

The interviews are the highlight of this podcast as it brings a diverse range of business ideas and tips straight to your ears with minimum fuss.


#3 – FT Digital Business

The Financial Times provide a whole host of podcasts that cover a wide spectrum of business and finance topics. There is even an arts podcast if you fancy something a little different.

The FT Digital Business with Peter Whitehead podcast comes recommended for providing its analysis of the cross section between technology and business. Covering topics from cyber attacks on business to building a digital city, the show covers a multitude of areas to provide you with a detailed but varied view on the digital sector.


#4 – BBC Click

The podcast associated with the BBCs flagship technology programme, expect to be informed on all things digital. Its main focus is to showcase the way in which digital technology affects our lives and whilst it does highlight consumer goods there are also business insights and trends to pick up on as well.


#5 – Moneybox

All matters money with Paul Lewis. Covering the latest issues going on in the financial world. Tune in for a sound grounding on all the need to know financial issues from the week. Not every episode is 100% relevant to business so make sure you read the preview before downloading it.


There are plenty more out there so if you have any recommendations please share them below.

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