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We need your questions…


We are off to EHS 4D on Monday to film a series of snappy interviews with some very talented art directors, copywriters & digital designers. We are also very lucky to have an interview lined up with a Digital Creative Director.

If you have any questions you’d like to ask them then simply leave a comment below. As long as I can ask the question without blushing I will make sure we get an answer.

Most of the people we are interviewing didn’t graduate too long ago so you might want to know about how they got their first job. Alternatively you might want to ask them questions about working in an agency. It is entirely up to you.

Here are a few of our interviewees, although more to be confirmed…

Get your thinking caps on.

Tax advice for student/graduate freelancers

HMRC logo

Tax! It’s horrible, but unfortunately it is part and parcel of leaving University and getting a job. However there is good news for you students & recent grads.

And the good news is that everyone gets a tax free allowance of £7,475. So from April 6th 2011 to 5th April 2012 you can earn up to £7,475 (figures may change year-on-year) tax free. Now that figure represents your total earnings so if you earn money via Concept Cupboard, have a part-time job and also maybe freelance for friends or family then you need to make sure all of those earnings come within the threshold. Otherwise you will pay tax on everything earned over the limit.

HMRC logo

The best source of information is the HMRC website. You can find the specific page detailing your personal allowance here. If you prefer to speak to someone you can call them on 0845 300 0627.

Just to clarify I am not a tax expert. The information given above has come directly from speaking to HMRC and reviewing their website as well as talking to our accountants. If you have tax or national insurance concerns you should contact them and discuss your particular circumstances with them.

Digital Designer needed for a gaming company


If you like gaming and are a Digital Designer then this job opportunity might be right up your street.

A major gaming company is looking for a new graduate Digital Designer/Animator to join them on a year long contract from June this year. You’ll be working on one of their most successful titles helping them create everything from graphics to animation storyboards. It’s a really creative and vibrant work environment and could open plenty of other doors in the future.

They are specifically looking for someone with a Computer Art/Digital Design/New Media degree, but you’ll also eager to get immersed in the particular game titles you would work on.

Location – Guildford
Start date – June
Contract length – 1 year
Salary – TBC but it will be the market rate for a graduate designer

If you are interested then either email me at or call 0208 334 2879. I will then be able to give you more detail.

How a bunch of mexican wrestlers helped Ollie earn £250


The first ever project added onto Concept Cupboard wasn’t you run of the mill brief. The client was looking for a photoshop whizz to clip image paths around a load photographs that had been taken of mexican wrestlers. Fortunately they were on a white background making the job a bit easier.

Project – Image Clipping for Luchas Locos Facebook game
Award – £250
Time scale – 2 weeks
Requirement for idea stage – clip image path around one wrestler as an example

Ollie Bradbury who won the project and had a few weeks to turn the work around fitted the work in around his studies. Here is what he had to say:

The brief was simple, just edit all the photos of the Lucha Locos wrestler. It was very time consuming but there wasn’t a set deadline which allowed my to work at my own pace. I have no complaints about anything, the project went smoothly and the contact between me and Jonathan was fine. It took a bit of time to transfer the PSD files through Drop Box, but that is only to be expected when transferring big files over the internet.

So if you are looking for work opportunities like this then take a look at all of other live projects on the search page.

Concept Cupboard would like to especially thank Ollie (check out his profile here) as he was not only the first creative to complete a project on our site but he also set the standard as he acted extremely professionally throughout the process and delivered everything on time. This is Ollie below.

Ollie Bradbury - the first creative on Concept Cupboard

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